Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What's important to me as a man?

(refined from last post)

Serving – Help anyone who needs it with empathy & humility.

Honor – Respect the body (health). Honor every life. Waste nothing. Honor family by providing sustenance, leadership, wisdom, being a Godly example, protection, love, & loving discipline.

Integrity – I am who I am in all situations using honesty and truth.

Passion – Be adventurous, courageous, resolute. Faith in the beyond myself.

Freedom – Financial independence. Freedom to pursue full time the other values of service, honor, integrity, & passion.  Spend less than you earn, invest the surplus, avoid debt.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My values

Frugality –

I am a good steward of my resources; I take care of my belongings as well as other’s belongings and mother nature.  I use things completely and if necessary, discard of them appropriately. Once I buy something, I enjoy it for as long as possible.

Freedom –

I enjoy having choices. Because of life’s changes I have to be flexible.

Honesty –

I tell the truth always. I am the same person behind closed doors as well as in public.

Financial Independence –

I choose how I spend my days. I focus on my values to live life to the fullest.
Service –

“The least of these”; I help those in need - People in the margins; When you fall down, I give you my hand so you can get back up.  Every person deserves love and each life on earth is valuable. I contribute. I serve.

Growth –

I am always learning something new.            

Health –

I need to be healthy if I am going to contribute to other’s lives.  I eat food that is healthy for my body; I exercise


Sunday, March 23, 2008


For the third straight spring break in a row I had the opportunity to go to Mexico with CSF (Christian Student Fellowship). I thought last year would be my last trip as I was graduating and preparing to live in Costa Rica. But, now that I am back in the states I knew that if there was any way possible, I had to be on this trip. For me, it's not really a question, I really simply assume I'm going. I am so grateful to Dan and Jenny and the CSFers who allow me to come on this trip.

In 2006 we went to Reynosa, Mexico, but last year and this year we went to the same place--Saltillo, Mexico. So this year was great because I got to see a lot of the same Mexican kids that I met and formed relationships with last year. It was also such a blessing to go with lots of the same people from here in the states, but also meet new people who go every year.

Here are some pictures of the trip:

Monday, February 11, 2008

Praise You in this storm

I came accross (coincidence?) this video today.

The song playing in the background is "Praise You in this storm" and that reminds me of my sickness before leaving for Costa Rica, but also somehow during that time I saw the "beauty from pain." Lately I've been struggling with spirituality and trusting God. I wish I could "just" accept God at His word, for what He says. Is anything in life simply "just..." Just pray more, just help these people, just listen for the still small voice, just study more? I wish I could come to God like a child.

That video is very powerful and although I have doubts and sometimes suck at life, I know I was led to it. Many people know my heart and passion for things like this, for trying to help the victims of these crazy storms (crazy tornados or hurricanes to crazy groupings of poverty).

Check out the conversation going on in the comments section below the video. It's really interesting.

At the very least, and I'm sure many are, we could be praying about this.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Signing off?

It’s been a crazy two and a half weeks since I arrived in Omaha from leaving Costa Rica. I didn’t want to put too much on here about my thoughts over possibly staying home because the decision wasn’t final. However, I had been thinking about staying here in the U.S., as some people know.

There are many reasons for it, but in the end I have decided not to go back to Costa Rica. Many of you know my struggles but I felt that I was too alone down there and didn’t have enough support in Costa Rica. I think many people would have been alright, and are more than alright down there, but the people who know me well know that I really need a lot of support and interaction with friends and family. Relationships are very important to me. Of course I thought this through for over a year before actually leaving for the Peace Corps, but you can never know for sure how something is going to be. I know Peace Corps would be very hard, and very rewarding, but I never knew how that would manifest itself.

I really do think Peace Corps is a great organization and I’m so glad I had that six months there. I wouldn’t change that. I learned so much and it was a great experience. But I couldn’t see myself continuing under those conditions so I had to make the tough choice to stay here in the states. I have so much respect for all the volunteers in Costa Rica, because I’ve met almost all of them and some are good friends, but for volunteers around the world.

Thank you so much to everyone for your support. I was overwhelmed and had so much joy in receiving so many letters and emails. I never thought I would receive so much love and encouragement! People taught me so much about sacrifice and giving and selflessness. Thank you for that. Thank you for taking the time to think of me, pray, write, send packages...

Maybe I will write more if people want. One thing I have discovered, or been discovering, is I don’t understand anything about my life. As a good friend said to me, "life is never, ever, ever what we think it's going to be or should be or has been. I've given up trying to understand it as of a couple days ago, and everything is a lot easier!"

Signing off, for now.

P.S. I really can’t thank people enough for all the support, and I hope just because I’m now not living in an exotic location we will still be friends.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Quick note

Hey all,

Since I don't have my cell phone in the U.S. anymore, you can't call me there while I'm home. Also, all my numbers were saved in that phone so I don't have most people's phone numbers, so it will be hard to call you.

My house phone is 891-0483. I'll be getting into Omaha very late December 23. Before, I was planning on heading back to Costa Rica January 2 but now that has changed and I won't be heading back until at least January 9!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Still truckin'

Hey, it’s me. I’m hanging in here, counting down the days when I will be home for Christmas. Soon! Things are still winding down here with the school year ending. This last week one last push has been made by the teachers to get all their final reports in and give everything squared away, so it’s been pretty hectic. I’m more of an observer, and when I jump in to help, I most type and help fill things in but I don’t really understand what I’m doing.

Last night was a really great experience because I got to go to the graduation dinner of the 6th graders at the elementary school. Since here in Costa Rica there is only elementary school (kindergarten through 6th grade) and high school (7th grade through 11th or 12th, depending on the high school), a big deal is made about graduating from elementary. They get diplomas and have dinners and parties.

I can’t remember if I’ve written much about the lack of separation between church and state here in Costa Rica, but I still find it interesting (and very surprising to someone who grew up in the U.S.) that they pray in the schools and have memos sent from the principal to the parents saying “Bless you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!” I have been to two graduation dinners, and at both we prayed. At the first, they kids lit candles and the principal talked about how it represented the Holy Spirit and how with a little flame a fire can spread and they can spread throughout each other. Pretty intense.

And then you have me sitting there, only used to this kind of stuff at “churchy” functions, looking around waiting for somebody to stand up and start yelling that since they believe that God is a tree or we are God or God doesn’t exist we can’t pray to Jesus. But that I know of, that doesn’t happen here.

Did I ever mention another thing that still startles me, although I am somewhat more use to it? The first week or two I was here in Costa Rica I was standing on the bus (as usual because there were no available seats) and I was enjoying the scenery outside the bus when I looked down at the lady sitting in the seat near me and she was breastfeeding her baby…no towel or shirt covering her up. My face turned red and I wondered if anybody else noticed.

And so, I learned that, for whatever reason, it is fairly normal to breastfeed in public here. Maybe it’s because of the long bus rides since most don’t own cars, or maybe it’s something different, but it’s normal here.

Also they charge in many public places to use the restroom, and they don’t drink beer out of the bottle (only Nicaraguans do that, I’m told) so they pour it into a cup with lots of ice. Who wants watered down beer?

Anyways I am here and living and fairly healthy and waiting, waiting, and waiting to come home. Some big things are going on here, so if you’re ever talking to God and you think of me, maybe throw my name in there.